A Ceremony, some celebration and a lot of shouting.

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Its been 6 days since the start of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and the fever has quickly spread to every corner of Canada. And it gets even more exciting, being a 45 minute drive away from the middle of it. So much has happened already: we’ve won our first gold on home soil, Canadian women and men have dominated other countries in our game, and protesters have disrupted the flow and peace of the Games (but I’ll get to that later. No need to start on a bad note).

Beijing in 2008. An unlimited budget sure is nice, isn't it?

What can I say about the Games? The Opening Ceremony would have been a great success, but coming 2 years after that spectacular and very expensive Beijing Ceremony, it falls short. But then again, one does not expect us to match the funding and manpower the Chinese Government put into theirs, right? However, I must applaud the people who spent countless hours in front of their computers making that pointlessly long Prairies scene look so realistic. The stage looked well designed (but why didn’t it have raindrops? We sure don’t have alot of ice here,) and vocal performances were excellent (especially k. d. lang’s Hallelujah).

Alexandre Bilodeau, who won the first gold for Canada in 2010.

Oh, and Alexandre Bilodeau won the first gold for Canada in Canada on Sunday, which was also Chinese New Year. It’s definitely exciting, but do we really need more reminders about Montreal and Calgary that everytime we bring up Bilodeau’s name? Instead of “First Canadian gold on Home soil”, can’t we just say “First Canadian gold in 2010”? Isn’t that much more positive? We need more positivity to balance out the shadow of negativity a certain group is projecting onto the city and media (but more of that later.)

But lets stop talking about old news. The men of Canada blew out Norway last night 8-0 (in ice hockey). But as nice as that sounds, I lost count half way through, when they switched out their starter (Pal Grotnes). Do these teams like Norway, Belarus and Latvia ever wake up on the day they face a team like Canada, Russia or USA decide to not get up? The women of these countries have an even better reason to give up (such as the Slovakians who got leveled 18-0 by the Canadians.) I find it amazing that they put so much effort into training and playing the game they were never expected to win.

You've got to love Norway's style when it comes to Curling.

Thank you, Protesters.

In less than a week, we have already heard a great deal about protesters blocking roads and causing chaos around the city. We see windows being broken, roads being congested and the general havoc that large crowds of protesters create. I understand when somebody starts a petition online or organizes a bake sale at which they give you an oversized pin to support some cause. But when it resorts to violence and disrupts the city, I feel that it is too much. Why have they chosen to wait for the Olympics to voice their opinions so publicly? This does not only make citizens of Vancouver uncomfortable, but portrays a negative image to viewers around the world. VANOC has put up a fence around the outdoor Flame recently. What is the fence for? I can only guess to prevent protesters from taking over and ruining the spirit of the games, as if they haven’t already.

Welcome to Vancouver. I thought Ninjas were supposed to be stealthy?

What am I trying to say? If you decide its fun to hold up signs and yell slogans, could you please do it after the Olympics out of consideration for people like me who only want to enjoy the games for the athleticism and entertainment? Its a sporting event, not your personal megaphone. Just because you feel that you are unrepresented doesn’t mean you get to ruin the lives of others. I’m going downtown on Sunday and perhaps later that week. If you cause any traffic problems or block the entrance to the venues, I will be very annoyed.

Instead of focusing on these Protesters, we should focus more about the Games, and what they symbolize. It’s about peace, unity, kindness and sportsmanship. Its about uniting people from all the corners of the world with 1 event. Lets enjoy this in peace while it lasts.

And Go Canada Go!

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2 thoughts on “A Ceremony, some celebration and a lot of shouting.

  1. Recently, the leader of one of the more violent anti-olympic groups, some quebec guy called Beaulieu something, was arrested and then released by the courts on the premise that he not “attend” any more protests.
    A billion dollars spent on security but not enough on the legal system.

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